Saturday, December 4, 2010

Health Benefits of Brown Rice Tea

Health Benefits of Brown Rice Tea - Brown Rice Tea has all the usual benefits of the original Highlanders Brown Rice Tea plus more! It is a warm and refreshing drink suitable for all, especially for those who work, live and play in air conditioned environments.

Brown rice tea, also known as Genmaicha originated in Japan. The tea is a fusion of steamed green tea leaves combined with roasted brown rice and kernels of popped corn. The tea has a nutty taste and is lower in
caffeine than other kinds of green teas, which makes it a good alternative to coffee or drinking tea for breakfast. Aside from being tasty, there are also a number of health benefits that Genmaicha, or brown rice tea can offer.

When taken regularly, brown rice tea can help relieve stress and improve sleep. It may also cure insomnia and boost the immune system. Popular in countries like Japan and Singapore, there are now different brands and variations of the tea as more and more people enjoy the health benefits. This kind of green tea is golden yellow in color due to the roasted brown rice.

Brown rice tea can help eliminate constipation, lessen migraines, build stamina, and even affect diabetes and cholesterol problems. Moreover, the tea can also reduce uric acid levels, water retention and may be helpful to weight loss.

Brown rice tea can also be combined with food like cereal or porridge. All you have to do is to open the sachet and pour the contents into the cereal and leave it for a couple minutes before consuming it. When combined with plain rice or soup, the tea can make the food tastier and more nutritious too.

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